I was the 3rd generation to serve the Firm, in my case at Douglas Street.

During the Second World War D.C. Thomson produced at least three booklets keeping the staff, both at home and in the forces, up-to-date with their colleagues.

With the passing of that war time generation these booklets have become a valuable source for family history.

List of some 400 staff serving as at 1st January 1941.

If we go further back here are some of the staff in 1911. At the same time a history of Dundee newspapers was printed.




Both the Editor's parents served during the war - the report of his father's evacuation from France is given below.

Ian Dun
1919 -2006

Peggy Oliver
1918 -2004


Ian Dun was with the B.E.F.

The 51st Highland Division landed in Le Havre in January 1940 as part of the B.E.F. ; Operation Dynamo - the Dunkirk Evacuation started on 27 May – 4 June

Operation Cycle was the code name for the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Le Havre on 10-13 June 1940.

Ian Dun’s petrol log has survived and shows that he was still in France on the 11th of June when ordered to destroy his vehicle.