Reference: SP29/2


To the Kings most Excellent Majesty

The humble Petition of Dr William Dun, Native of Aberdeen,

Now Phisitian Ordinary, To the Most Christian FFrench King


That your Majesties Petitioner did serve your royal ffather (of blessed Memory)

In quality of Captaine, under the command of the late Marquesse of Montrose, in-

Scotland , And, therefoe, exiled from thence to Holland in the yeare 1649, where

he was presented to your Majesty as a loyal subject, at Breda, by the said Marquess

of Montrose, Earle of Seafort, and Major General Hurrie his Kinsman; And

thereafter commanded by Generall Ruthven than Chamberlane; to wait (expecting the

first vacant place) on your Majesties royall person, which he did accordingly

through Holland, Fflannders, into Ffrance; Where falling sick for a long tyme,

was separate (to his great greefe) from the service of your Majesty than goeng for

Scotland , And after hie recovery from a long & sad sickness in ffrance, Did live

By his practise in Phisick, which (by God’s blessing) was so prosperous with him

In the ffrench Armyes & Hospitals that made him at last famous, at the court

of ffrance; And promoted him by Dr Vallotts acquaintance (about the tyme of the

ffrench Kings sicknes, at Calais) to be one of the King of ffrance his Phisitians

Ordinary, in Chymistry (as witnesse hs Pattent) a reward due to his deserts;

To the exercise of which charges he is to returne to ffrance againe, how soone hee

Shalbee restored, by justice, to his patrimony in Scotland, r---- hee hes beine

Deprived by the common calamityes of the tyme, these twelves yeares bygone

Wherefore, for his many sufferings & s….., hee humbly desires

the honour & character only (as a mark of your Majesties royall favour

to a loyal subject) to be sworne Phisitian Ordinary in Chymistry,

to your Majesty which will highly advance your petitioner, and render

him more capable to consent his ?owes, & the rest of his life,

labours, & talent, to your Sacred Majesty And for that end, that byou

would be graciously pleased, To give order to the Lord chamberlane,

that the petitioner be sworne, And have his Pattent therevpon,

And he shall ever continue to pray & c: