Genealogy and family history of Dunn and Dun Families from Scotland

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The Surnames of Scotland: their origin, meaning and history.
George F. Black

New York Public Library 1946
Dun, Dunn
Of local or territorial origin, perhaps from Dun in Angus. Adam de Dun was elected to the deanery of Moray in 1255 1, and William de Dun, perhaps a relative, was dean there in 1268 2, Patrick de Dun was canon of Glasgow c. 1290 3, John de Dwne, burgess of Edinburgh, 1428 4, and John Dun held a land in Edinburgh before 1467 5, David Dun appears in Aberdeen in 1442 6, Hugh Dun had precept of remission at Abirbrothok, 1492 7, Edward Dwn was tenant in Wester Micras (Mecray) in 1539 8, William Dyn witness in Perth, 1551 9, and James Dun was a retainer of Stewart of Invermeith, 1579 10, Charles Dune, dyer, was burgess of Aberdeen before 1673 11.
Celtic donn, brown was early naturalized in OE. As dunn, dun, dingy, brown and became OE. Personal name, Dun, Dunna, Dunne. Malcolm, son of David Dunne of Conestableston, quitclaimed to the bishop of Glasgow the lands of Tor or Windilawes in the territory of Edulfistune between 120-68 12, Thomas Dun was hanged at Elgin in 1296 for stealing books and vestments from the church 13, Dwn and Dynne 1613.
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